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Rare and signed Rival Schools stuff on ebay! x posted [17 May 2006|03:06pm]

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i must admit [10 Mar 2006|12:51pm]

i'm a newbie to this band. i don't know much about them, regrettedly. but i had a question. i just heard the song "can't wait one minute more" by civ, and i noticed guest vocals of some kind. i had heard about that before, but i can't remember who they said was the "guest" on the track. it sounded a lotttt like the vocalist for sick of it all. would this be right??
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Walter! Walter! [24 Oct 2004|08:34am]


Hey guys... I had the chance to have a phone chat with Walter Schreifels about his new project, Walking Concert for my new online music magazine, www.auralminority.com


come check us out. we update weekly...and have pedro the lion and tom mcrae interviews just about done for next weeks update, plus whatever else my co-editor's got up his sleeve.


thanks for listening


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Jonah Matranga fan forum [13 Jul 2004|03:38pm]

Sorry to spam but I'm just letting you guys know that I started a Jonah Matranga fan forum to discuss his music projects (Far, Onelinedrawing, New End Original, Gratitude). Located here:

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[19 Dec 2003|01:09am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey !

Just joined this community.
I´m a big fan of Rival Schools. I´ve seen them in Munich and Cologne playing with Hundred Reasons. It was absolutly fantastic.

What to say about me: I´m 22 years old, i do listen to the obvious stuff (CIV, Rival Schools, Glassjaw, the whole Revelation Rec. stuff etc.).
I like hockey a lot, i live in Germany and i´d love to see Rival Schools again and again.

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Oh wow, an actual update! [09 Jul 2003|08:36pm]
[ mood | ready ]

Hey everyone. Hope all of you haven't gotten completely bored with this community. There just hasn't been much to report. But, some good news...

I talked with Scott Winegard today (former bassist for New End Original, Texas Is The Reason), he said that he heard 11 new Rival Schools demos and they are AMAZING. He and Walter are close friends and he will pass along anything further when it comes down the pike, so I will definitely relay anything new with their studio news when I talk to him again...

In other news, former Schools guitarist Ian Love's new band, Cardia is touring with Onelinedrawing and Acceptance here and there. They took Breaking Pangaea's tourslot after that band recently broke up. (R.I.P. to a great band, there). Good things over with Cardia, so check that out if you get a chance...

More Schools news is on the horizon. Hopefully those demos will lead to some serious new album news...

Hope everyone here is doing well. Let's keep this place going, in the meantime!!

Much love,


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Newbie [13 Mar 2003|03:19pm]

[ mood | okay ]

hey there. yeah so i'm new to this community but love rival schools and have for quite some time now. can't wait for the new record to come out which i read should be out around the end of summer-beggining of autumn. so that's gonna be awesome. besides that my name's tim, i'm from southern california and am 18 years old. well take it easy everyone...

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Good Things [10 Jan 2003|10:41pm]
[ mood | ready ]

Hey everyone. Why not break the silence with some inspiring news from the Rival Schools front...

Former Helmet guitarist Chris Traynor has now parted ways with Bush and joined Rival Schools, filling the empty guitarist slot recently created by the departure of Ian Love from the band. Rival Schools are expected to begin recording their new album for Island/Def Jam next month.

Anything else i hear will be relayed... 2003 = Good Things.

Hope everyone is well. Much love...


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Update without much of an update [17 Dec 2002|01:02am]
[ mood | blah ]

First of all, welcome to tofutoes. Glad you found your way here :)

Also, i have been trying to get some more info regarding the current status of the band. Whenever i get any 'inside information', i read or hear something negating it. So, even though Jonah Matranga said a few weeks ago they are "definitely done" and Walter is pursuing a solo acoustic-type project (which to quote Jonah, "what a novel thing. where did he get such an idea?") but yeah, once he said that I put the mental dagger in the coffin in the couple happily running on the cover and threw my hopes and dreams into the toilet. But now, I am hearing more than ever that they are, in fact, working on a new record. So, i dunno. I am actually losing sleep over this, as you can imagine. (I am being ridiculously sarcastic, by the way).

Once some solid rumors are confirmed, this place will know about it. Other than that, how is everyone?

Much love to you all. Rock and roll lives on.


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just posting to post. :P [17 Nov 2002|04:25pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

nothing new, but just thought i'd post it...just becos. i got this yesterday from the punkbands.com newsletter i get by e-mail. everyone get excited! :P

*RIVAL SCHOOLS are currently working on their next album which they
hope to release through Island/Def Jam in the spring/summer. The group
hope to begin touring in support of it sometime early next year.

hope everyone is doing okay...anyone in school and stressing over papers and
the like?

much love and rock n' roll.

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Rare tracks [31 Oct 2002|08:45pm]
[ mood | working ]

Assuming everyone here owns "United By Fate" and the "Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing" EP, the are a few other rare tracks out there. Here are the ones I know of:

"On Vacations" (available on the Atticus compilation cd)
"Get Center"
"Grunge Model" (instrumental from the United By Fate sessions)
"The Sweet" (very rare song only found on the UK Used For Glue 7")

Any other songs that I missed? Regardless, these songs all kick ass of course...
Hope everyone is well. More RS info when it happens... :)


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Welcome! [16 Oct 2002|02:36am]
[ mood | working ]

Hey hellfaucet and tiffofanie, welcome aboard! This place isn't as lively as livejonah yet, but we'll see how things change once the Schools finish their album and hit the road. Anywho, Chris and Tiff, glad you guys are here. Rock.


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[11 Oct 2002|09:36pm]

well, i just wanted to say hi to this community!! the last time i joined a community, it was deleted like two days later, and i haven't felt inspired since then...

umm, i greatly enjoy rival schools, although it's been awhile since i bonded with that record. it all came about from when i saw them on the tour they did last year (?) with the international noise conspiracy (too good!). "undercovers on" is too good. okay, bye for now!
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Rock! [10 Oct 2002|07:14pm]
[ mood | working ]

Hey greenrockr and hardcoreian: Welcome Aboard! Your respective musical tastes kick serious ass... Word up, good things are coming our way...


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rival effin' school [07 Oct 2002|02:01am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

hello. i've finally joined this community. i'm really good at making a fool of myself singing "undercovers on" to my friends. i start making these weird faces, and moves with my hands when i sing this song. my friends laugh, but that song makes me cry. those rival schools boys are beyond awesome. it's good to know they're not broken up, and are working on a new album. whoo~

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[05 Oct 2002|08:55pm]

oki well just a little intro
im nathan n im from australia
it kinda suckd cuz no good bands come here :( how rood
well thats all for now
add me if you like :)

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Welcome! [03 Oct 2002|01:58pm]
[ mood | dreading work ]

Welcome aboard xemomakesmecryx and kidamynesiac. (Hey Amy, glad you are being turned on to RS, heh). This place is obviously new, so feel free to ramble about and invite anyone you wanna... Not much new to report on the Rival Schools front except for the fact they are working on a new album. Take care, all. Much love...


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Wow! You don't care! [30 Sep 2002|01:26pm]

You know, atastyburger and killitdead are both in the "Good Things" video.
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Inaugural Post [29 Sep 2002|02:24pm]
[ mood | working ]

I figure I would use the first post to share a message which should dispell any and all rumors circulating that the band is finished and going their seperate ways...

In a message from Sammy, it is official, the band is NOT broken up!

"This might answer a few questions that we've been asked recently. We are working on a new album, and these things do take time, so we probably won't be playing out (live) until early next year. We're trying to get the album out sometime this spring (2003). I'm sure we'll get back to...everywhere. Rock on, rock on." - Sam

For the record: Ian (the other guitarist) left to be in his band "Cardia" full-time. Apparently, that was one of the 'hiatus' reasons along with problems with their manager. Both have reportedly been replaced and all is well now...

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