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Oh wow, an actual update!

Hey everyone. Hope all of you haven't gotten completely bored with this community. There just hasn't been much to report. But, some good news...

I talked with Scott Winegard today (former bassist for New End Original, Texas Is The Reason), he said that he heard 11 new Rival Schools demos and they are AMAZING. He and Walter are close friends and he will pass along anything further when it comes down the pike, so I will definitely relay anything new with their studio news when I talk to him again...

In other news, former Schools guitarist Ian Love's new band, Cardia is touring with Onelinedrawing and Acceptance here and there. They took Breaking Pangaea's tourslot after that band recently broke up. (R.I.P. to a great band, there). Good things over with Cardia, so check that out if you get a chance...

More Schools news is on the horizon. Hopefully those demos will lead to some serious new album news...

Hope everyone here is doing well. Let's keep this place going, in the meantime!!

Much love,

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