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Update without much of an update

First of all, welcome to tofutoes. Glad you found your way here :)

Also, i have been trying to get some more info regarding the current status of the band. Whenever i get any 'inside information', i read or hear something negating it. So, even though Jonah Matranga said a few weeks ago they are "definitely done" and Walter is pursuing a solo acoustic-type project (which to quote Jonah, "what a novel thing. where did he get such an idea?") but yeah, once he said that I put the mental dagger in the coffin in the couple happily running on the cover and threw my hopes and dreams into the toilet. But now, I am hearing more than ever that they are, in fact, working on a new record. So, i dunno. I am actually losing sleep over this, as you can imagine. (I am being ridiculously sarcastic, by the way).

Once some solid rumors are confirmed, this place will know about it. Other than that, how is everyone?

Much love to you all. Rock and roll lives on.

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