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theschooligans's Journal

Rival Schools Fans & Friends Unite!
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This is an open forum for those who follow Rival Schools. It was started on September 29th, 2002. Everyone is welcome to share, ask, complain about anything they wish. This community is maintained by unity31179. His name is .justin. Just ask if there is anything you need. We are all family here. Rival Schools Fans Unite!
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The Rival Schools Story...

Singer/axe strummer Walter Schreifels was the driving force behind the highly influential late 80’s New York hardcore group Gorilla Biscuits. He also lent his guitar and bass skills to many other groups from that scene, including straight edge heroes Youth of Today. Feeling that it was time to break out of the "punk box" chord progression he formed Quicksand in the early 90’s, and some say this band was responsible for launching a whole new music scene. With two albums released from Quicksand, Schreifels went on to produce the successful CIV debut album for Atlantic records, as well as producing a release from Hot Water Music for his label Some Records. Rumor has it, there are Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand tribute albums in the works. But Schreifels' story is just the beginning. Enter Cache Tolman, armed usually with his clear Dan Armstrong bass. Cache also has experience with the rock; his band Iceburn challenged many with numerous releases, all rarely having songs less than 15 minutes. He spent some time in CIV, as well as releasing his own dub album and a not to go unheard country album. Drums are also an important part of rock music, and Sam Siegler whose father and grandfather played drums figured it out for himself at the tender age of ten. He met Schreifels when he was 12 and the two ended up rocking together in Gorilla Biscuits, and Youth of Today; He recorded and toured with those groups, as well as Judge, and Krishna-core band Shelter. His band CIV kept him busy for some time with their MTV buzz clip "Can’t Wait One Minute More.” He recently played on the debut release for friends Glassjaw... Rival Schools went to England in February of 2000 to play their first show. They returned to Europe for a successful three-week tour in December of that year, all with nothing released. They recorded a split with ex-Far frontman Jonah Matranga, for a release on Some Records the label Walter, Sam and partner Matt have been running for nearly four years. One could say that Rival Schools whose name was originally Rival Schools United by Fate, (inspired by a video game and later shortened for legality purposes), is four totally different rockers united to rock, in the name of rock. The sound if anything is refreshing in a time of crispy clean pop and redundant rap/rock, and staying true to the bands track record of making quality music...
~ Sam Siegler